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Writings on projects and process


About Speak To Me

Inspiration, conceptual goals and personal meaning within the project


Is there a life force within art? Can we converse with creative energy? Artists throughout history have posed such questions. The Surrealists sought to harness the creativity of the unconscious mind. Hilma af Klint insisted her works should be seen as messages from her spirit guides. I make no such claims, however I am a believer that there’s more to this universe than we have the capability of currently understanding, and that through manifesting creativity we can connect with others as well as the unknown.  

My When I start the process of creating a new generative artwork, I often focus on discovering what’s new that I might unearth within the exploration of a simple algorithm. Within that journey, I have a hidden agenda. I hope to commune with the voices hiding inside the code. 


About A Burroughs Quote

Some personal backstory on the inspiration behind the project


As a child I was a voracious reader. My teachers at school suggested putting me in an accelerated creative writing program, which my parents thought was a great idea. The class was filled mostly with kids who were a lot older than me, and through their friendship I became exposed to alternative literature. They suggested I read “On The Road” by Jack Kerouac, which I fell in love with. 

My family was working class. We rarely had extra money for things if they weren't necessities, but every weekend my dad would drop me off at the used bookstore. He would disappear for an hour or so, and when he returned would buy for me a handful of used paperbacks that I’d picked out. I tried to choose books that weren’t too expensive, knowing

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